• What We Do

    We provide easy and convenient veggie garden boxes to the consumers who do not have

    sufficient space to grow their own vegetables.

    For who ?

    Everybody : No matter your background or community!

    These boxes are perfect for a diverse range of customers. From the inner city dweller with only a patio or balcony space to people living in informal settlements, flats or backyard dwellers where space is limited or is the ground is badly polluted.


    No matter how small your ground space food gardening has never been easier with our hassle free veggie garden selection. Gone is the days of backbreaking gardening and digging around in the dirt on your knees.


    The boxes are also great for plant based enthusiasts who would love to grow their own food but due to limited space(apartment or flats) cannot grow their own vegetables.


    No matter how small your space we have tailor made boxes to serve all your needs.

    For what ?

    Giving opportuntiy a chance to grow

    GrowBox aims to take basic food nutrition to the people who needs it the most, while fostering the development of sustainable and eco-friendly practices


    We know that in today's modern world space is limited and that we all do not have the luxury of land space.


    We have made it even more convenient for you to grow your own food right on your doorstep. We supply the boxes with the grow mediums and inputs in an easy hassle free veggie garden setup.


    Your can design your own box with your own vegetable or herb seedling selection and then we deliver. Its just that simple!

    Our clients?

    We supply a large clientele base with:

    * Vegetable Seedlings

    * Herb Seedlings

    * Landscaping Plants

    * Fully stocked veggie boxes

    Our clients include:

    # General Public

    # Landscaping Contractors

    # Farmers

    # Retail Nurseries

    # NPOs

    # NGOs

    # Government Departments


    ** Feel free to email us for stock availability or any other requests.

  • Who We Are

    Social entrepreneur bringing food gardening and nutrition to the households that needs it the most.

    Renshia Manuel

    Growbox CEO

    Being unemployed and having to feed 4 children had forced me to grow vegetables in my own backyard in order to feed my family. This sparked to drive to teach households how to grow their own food at their own homes.

    The knowledge that many households had no access to land in order to grow their own food had prompted me to develop GrowBox. Now we are supporting households grow their own food sustainably for a brighter future.

  • Social Impact

    Private or corporate sponsors can get involved.

    - Since January 2017-


    People reached

    90 Boxes Distributed

    Includes boxes, inputs and food gardening workshops.

    How can you get involved?

    Sponsor a box today and change the lives of a household in need.

  • How It Works

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    Pay via EFT, Direct Deposit or Paypal



    We'll deliver your goods within 7 business days.

    Sponsored Boxes are delivered per quarter.

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